My name is Lulama Mkhwanazi born in 1990 on the 18th of August. I aim to inspire and motivate through the word of God as I am also inspired.

In each and everyone of us there are gifts bestowed upon us by God, which makes every human being living very valuable. I have what you need, and you also have what I need. We are all created to serve one another and to serve God, and so individualism hinders us from releasing to the world the gift in us.

I hope my blogs will be of a good service to your life.

13 thoughts on “Home

  1. Interesting style of writing luu, I love that you write your truth and do not try to make your childhood life glamorous. I have seen God work in your life, and I believe you are destined for greatness. Keep writing, this is a great start.


  2. Weaknesses is a desease that kills so many dreams. It can also be associated with fear or the inability to carry out a task because of it. It then poses negative thoughts leading to self doubt. I love how well put together this is. Reminding us to never give up on what is destined for us.


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